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I'm Tee. Lifestyle Blogger. Sexual Health Educator. Youtube Personality. Kanas City Native. 20 something. Lover of black tea, rain + scary movies.

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My First Quarter Reads

How often do you set aside time to read? Every Day? Once a week? Twice a month? Though I love to read, I’m ashamed to say how often I picked up a book in 2020. I consider myself a forever…

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Spring Cleaning for Self-Care

Can you believe it’s almost March already? January is always the slowest month, then here comes February speeding things up and before you know it, it’s December again. I heard it all the time as a kid but time flies!…

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Taking Full Ownership in 2021

While I was preparing for the new year, my cousin and I were discussing our aspirations for 2021. It’s sort of our tradition. We go out and buy new stationery, watch tons of organization/productivity videos, and set resolutions. We talk…

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